Popular Wedding Color Schemes for 2018

Are you planning a wedding for 2018? Sometimes wedding planning can get overwhelming so we’re here to help you with some popular color schemes for weddings in 2018. Choosing the right color palette for your wedding is a huge part of the overall look of your wedding and will last forever in all the photos that’ll be taken throughout your special day. We have done tons of research so you don’t have to and we think you’re going to love what we’ve come up with. Take a look and get some inspiration for your 2018 wedding!

Pink Gray

This color combination is perfect for dressing up or down and works well for both big elegant fairytale weddings or small bohemian weddings. The pink can work as a pop color for a more neutral color scheme or the gray can offer a nice way to tone down the intensity and femininity of the pink. There’s also a lot of room to play with different shades of both colors so the possibilities are infinite. pink and graypink and gray bridesmaidspink and gray florwergirls

Purple, Lavender, & Sage

This color scheme is perfect for any wedding season because of the mixing of light and darker colors. Lavender has a light, dusty quality while the sage offers a fresh earth tone. Mixing shades of lavender and a darker purple can also make your color scheme more interesting and give you more to work with because you aren’t stuck with just one shade.

lavander and sage imagelavander and sage bridesmaidlavender and sage flowergirls

Navy & Burgundy

This color palette is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. Mixing both navy and burgundy is an unexpected color combination, but when you mix the two you get a very visually pleasing, warm look for your wedding day. You can also choose to add a touch of gold as a pop color to make it a more elegant and high-end look.

navy and burgundynavy and burgundy bridemaidsnavy and burgundy flowergirl

Different Shades of Blue

Like mixing different purples, mixing shades of blue is great because you don’t have to pick just one! This makes it a perfect color palette for any time of year. For a spring or summer wedding, use a majority of lighter and brighter blues in your decor, and for a fall or winter wedding, use a majority of darker and dusty blues. This can also be a perfect color palette for brides that want to try the mismatching bridesmaid’s dresses trend.

shades of blueshades of blue bridesmaidshades of blue flowergirl

Peach & Dark Blue

This color scheme is another one that is perfect for any time of year because of the mix of dark and vibrant shades. For a winter wedding add more dark blue to your palette, or for a spring wedding include more peach tones. 

peach and dark bluepeach and dark blue bridesmaidpeach and dark blue flowergirl

Wine & Rose Gold

This is another color scheme that works better for a fall or winter wedding. The wine color is a nice dark shade for the colder months, while the rose gold adds a sophisticated and luxurious touch to your wedding.

wine and rose goldwine and rose gold bridesmaidwine and rose gold flowergirl

Dark Blue & Mauve

Another color scheme perfect for year round, dark blue and mauve complement each other well. This is also another palette that gives you room to play around with different shades. No matter what shades you decide to go with, these two colors look great together. Play with adding a pop of a metallic color as well to give your wedding an expensive feel without breaking your bank.

mauve and dark bluemauve and dark blue bridesmaids

Thanks for reading and comment below your favorite color scheme. Also, share with your friends that are getting married in 2018!

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